Excelerate Software

Excelerate Software

Backup Google Apps eMail, Documents, Calendar and Contacts

  • Off-Site backup for all your Google Apps data for long term storage
  • Backup and recover Google Apps eMail up to 4 times a day
  • Backup and recover Google Apps Documents daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Data backed up in our secure Cloud storage with access limited to your Firewall IP address
  • Data can be backed up to your Amazon storage or any S3 compatible storage
  • Setup in 15 minutes with our Cloud Storage backup

Call today for our free 30 day evaluation.  http://www.backupgoogle.com/

TurboCache Appliance – Cache Internet Content to reduce bandwidth

  • Highly optimized Squid Proxy server software tuned for a hardware appliance
  • Supports 800 CDNs such as Youtube and Vimeo
  • Supports HTTP and HTTPS caching with HTTPS Intercept
  • Web Browser GUI for all management and monitoring
  • Daily reports, logs and real time traffic monitoring
  • Supports direct proxy, WCCP transparent and PBR transparent
  • Evaluation software ISO available for Hypervisor or Physical server

Please learn more at http://www.turbocache.us

Archive eMail Messages

  • Archive email messages for e-discovery compliance
  • Supports Exchange Servers, Google Apps mail and most Mail Servers
  • Provided as a turn-key appliance or software for Linux and Windows Servers
  • Retrive messages based on keywords, email addresses, time frame and content
  • No cost software license, professional support available with support purchase

Please learn more at http://www.emailarchive.us/