Excelerate Software

Email Archive

The Email Archive appliance is a stand-alone network appliance that combines archive technology with on-board storage for a comprehensive email archive solution. The Email Archive software is also available for purchase for Windows and Linux servers to install on your hardware.
The Email Archive software captures a copy of all inbound, outbound, and internal email utilizing the journaling function of your mail server, indexes the email header and text information, and securely stores the data.


  • Automatic capture and store of all inbound, outbound, and internal e-mail
  • Simple web-based interface for search, print and administrative functions
  • Regular and wildcard search functions
  • Full-text search on both email body and attachment text
  • View, open attachments, and resend or release messages
  • Full auditing logs provided for each action

Archive Data

  • Data compression for efficient disk utilization
  • Emails can be viewed but not altered or deleted
  • Export selected messages to EML message format


  • Operating System: Linux or Windows Server
  • Compatible email server: MS Exchange®, mail servers with SMTP journaling functionality and Google Apps mail


  • Archive mail messages
  • Message Recovery
  • Vmware installation
  • Windows Virtual Server installation
  • paramter based search
  • File attatchment blocking
  • anti-virus scanning
  • email adress validation
  • outbound scanning
Please learn more about Email Archive at: http://www.emailarchive.us