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Chicago, IL January 7, 2013 – XVR Software (formerly Excelerate Software) is pleased to announce it is now approved to offer instant discounts to customers through a Desktop Power Management Rebate Program. The program is offered by Resource Solutions Group, a CLEAResult company, and is designed to provide energy savings and cash rebates for commercial businesses. The Desktop Power Management Rebate Program offers rebates of $8 per desktop computer for the installation of enterprise-level power management software for qualifying commercial customers in the Illinois Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) electric delivery service territory.

Desktop Power Management solutions are add-on software that enforces power savings on networked computers to reduce wasted energy use. In addition to the immediate savings offered through the rebate program, IT managers may see sustainable energy savings for their company as most power management solutions have robust usage monitoring and reporting features to show overhead savings and projections over a period of time.

For example, a company installing power management software on 1,000 networked desktops would be eligible for $8,000 in rebates to offset the software purchase price. Based on estimated annual electrical savings of 291,700 kWh, the company might continue saving up to $23,336 per year through reduced annual energy costs.

We are proud to announce that XVR Software is listed as one of the pre-qualified vendors for the Desktop Power Management program, and can offer qualifying ComEd commercial customers Instant Discounts on purchases of certain power management solutions. With Instant Discounts, customers in effect receive their rebates immediately upon installation, rather than needing to complete a separate rebate application process.

To participate in the program, customers must be commercial accountholders or tenants in Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) electric delivery service territory. There is no required minimum number of desktops to participate in this program and the benefits can quickly add up to large savings.

For more information and participation eligibility, visit http://pcpower-rebates-il.com/ or

Call: XVR Software at 949-218-3337